A Religion of Peace “Assalam Olaykum” was one of the first greetings I learned when I was trying to grow into Islam. The greeting translates to “Peace be upon you.” Those who frequent Muslim communities will hear other heartfelt phrases such as “Allah Hafiz.” It roughly translates to “May God protect you.” These phrases silently resonate in ...

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Faith and Mind

Faith as an Additional Resource for Mind Today’s world seems to be increasingly irreligious. In point of fact, 16% of the global population describe themselves as “religiously unaffiliated”, which is more than any other time in our history. However, while more people no longer believe in a religion, religious faith in the population is also still ...

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Universal Religion

Is a Universal Religion Possible? One doesn’t have to look far in society to see the expansive reach of religion in our culture. From playing a major role in the lives of billions of individuals to shaping the way governments and societies interact on a macro scale. The question then becomes: what is the future of religion in society? And more specificall...

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