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Is Islam a Religion of Peace?


A Religion of Peace “Assalam Olaykum” was one of the first greetings I learned when I was trying to grow into Islam. The greeting translates to “Peace be upon you.” Those who frequent Muslim communities will hear other heartfelt phrases such as “Allah Hafiz.” It roughly translates to “May God protect you... Read more


How Do Human Rights Figure Into the Abortion Debate?


How do Human Rights Figure into the Abortion Debate? In January of 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that any interference with a woman’s attempt to have an abortion within the first three months of pregnancy was a violation of her constitutional right to privacy. The ruling allowed for restrictions... Read more

Endangered Species

Should we fight the extinction of every endangered species, or let nature decide?


Should we fight the extinction of every endangered species, or let nature decide? Ever since humans have been around, we’ve been displacing, killing, and causing species of all kinds to go extinct. Many large, potential beasts of burden in the Americas? Gone because of rapid expansions of hunter-gatherers in the are... Read more

Faith and Mind

Can Faith be an Additional Resource for Mind?


Faith as an Additional Resource for Mind Today’s world seems to be increasingly irreligious. In point of fact, 16% of the global population describe themselves as “religiously unaffiliated”, which is more than any other time in our history. However, while more people no longer believe in a religion, religiou... Read more

LGBTQ Prides

Do You Support LGBTQ Prides?


Defining an Acronym: LGBTQ  Most people have seen the acronym LGBTQ, but what does LGBTQ mean? LGBTQ is an evolving string of letters meant to inclusively represent all members of the gay and transgender community. While the acronym has grown longer over the decades of its use, LGBTQ and LGBTQ+ have become the go... Read more

Sex Work

Should We Consider It Like Other Jobs?


Sex Work; Should We Consider It Like Other Jobs? The oldest profession of civilization: sex work. One might think that after all this time, this taboo trade might have dropped some of the stigma that it carries, but this doesn’t even seem to be the case. Even to this day, sex work is a subject many are uncomfortable... Read more

Minimum Wage

Should Minimum Wage be Increased?


Should Minimum Wage be Increased? Minimum wage is always a topic of debate, and many people are directly impacted by whatever the wage is determined to be. People with no valuable skills who work believe they should be paid more, and their employers, as well as the rest of the job market, disagrees. There have been pr... Read more

Cultural Diversity

Is it Important to Preserve Cultural Diversity?


Is It Important to Preserve Cultural Diversity?  Cultural diversity is a diverse group of people co-existing in an area. Diversity can come from cultural differences like religion, values, lifestyles, language, entertainment, etc. and/or ethnic differences as people bring traditions and beliefs from their homelan... Read more

Universal Religion

Is a Universal Religion Possible?


Is a Universal Religion Possible? One doesn’t have to look far in society to see the expansive reach of religion in our culture. From playing a major role in the lives of billions of individuals to shaping the way governments and societies interact on a macro scale. The question then becomes: what is the future of r... Read more

Life Quality

Life Quality Level; How Is the Progress?


Life Quality Level - How Is the Progress? When most of us take stock of the world around us, it can be quite easy to be pessimistic and think about how bad everything is. On the other hand, we might see history as nothing but a steady march of progress towards what is good. It is a natural cognitive bias to idealize t... Read more

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